“Hey Paige…You’re on the Front Page of Reddit…”

When my smallish @costumeartist Instagram suddenly got an influx of followers, I wondered if a project had been posted somewhere. 
The answer was in my DMs with an avalanche of "Dude...check your Reddit." 
Wow. There I was (well Abbey, anyway). And the enthusiastic interest in the image, reminded me how much I loved that project. Most of the support was overwhelmingly kind, and cleverly fun (as r/interestingasfuck is inclined to be). 

There were also minority opinions, too. And it's good stuff. Here's why:

These criticisms, these opinions matter, too. If you're creating art (and that's what I consider most of my costume work as...art), you should welcome criticism and review of the work.
Does it create 'warm and fuzzies'? Does it confirm my artistic choices? Nope.
Does it make me question my design? Does is make me review the project vision? Yes. 
And that's good for the work. I may not change anything at all, or I may see something I missed. Any evolution is entirely up to me.
At least, that's my sense of it when it comes to unflattering commentary on my work. It might sting a bit, but I think it's good for perspective and improvement.
Now...be honest.
Do I look like a 'truck from Paksitan'?
I kinda do. I'm cool with it. THANKS, Reddit!

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