CostumeArt: In the Media

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of talking about costuming, steampunk and related interest in media outlets. And sometime the various costume projects appears in other outings from small films and art galleries, to magazines and blogs. I’ve tried to keep a record of these along the way … mostly to prove to my future descendants that I was eccentric LONG before the age-related mind skips kick in.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to meet and work with so many talented folks along the way. I’m grateful for every minute of this weird and wonderful journey.

CostumeArt In the Media

b-metro magazine paige gardner steampunkFeatured in Cover Story on Steampunk for B-METRO MAGAZINE.  This online version includes cool video which is worth viewing for the peek at a local furnace in Birmingham, Alabama.  This issue won an ‘Addy’ award for B-Metro Magazine.

Feature in STEAMPUNK CHRONICLE (“The Steampunk Exhibition at DragonCon”)

Costume Art featured at (Gamer Next Door at San Diego Comic-Con)

ca-daily-news-comic-con-paige-gardner-costumeCostumed Appearance on CBS SUNDAY MORNING with Mo Rocca “Steampunk: Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Costume Art featured at New York Daily News (San Diego Comic-Con International)

Costume Art featured at CraveOnline (San Diego Comic-Con International)


ca-paige-gardner-crave-online-comic-conCostume Art featured in B-METRO MAGAZINE (May 2012)

Costume Art featured in behind-the-scenes VIDEO for B-Metro Magazine!/photo.php?v=10150864627142423


ca-tor-dragonmount-blog-aielCostume Art Featured at

Costume Art Featured at


Costume Art Featured at ABC 33/40

VIDEOS of Costume Artist

VIDEO Costumed Appearance in the teaser trailer for film series “REMNANT” (Penny Dreadful Productions / Brothers Young)

VIDEO Costumed Appearance and Character Role in ‘Wolf in the Woods’ (Sick Sense Productions)

VIDEO of the MECHANIZED Ouija Board (Part of the Steampunk Automaton Fortune-Teller).  The movement of the planchette is directed by discreet glove contact on the sides of the mask.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Paige Smith, Costume Artist, ABC 33/40

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Paige Gardner Smith, Director of THE GADGETEERS SHOWCASE at DragonCon | Interview with Professor Upsidasium 2012






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