Trollocs Nominated for Cosplay at 2014 Geekie Awards

2014Nominee-CosplayThe Trollocs are coming!

Well… not really.

None of the Trollocs can afford the airfare to Hollywood for the 2014 Geekie Awards show…BUT we will be there in spirit!

Our Trolloc costume group has been nominated in the Cosplay category for the 2014 Geekie Awards – and we’re over the moon! Not just for the compliment to our various contribution to the project, but also for the recognition for our beloved book series, “The Wheel of Time”, by the late Robert Jordan.

Paul, Kelcey, Chip and I, are die-hard fans of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” fantasy series. And as we got to know each other at the definitive Jordan fan-gathering JordanCon…our plans for a Trolloc cosplay group came together.  We were all armed with VERY different skill sets for costuming but thankfully the varied nature of the beastly Trollocs allowed us to craft our own looks and still end up a cohesive group cosplay.

TROLLOC FistWe were of like minds when it came to crafting the human-animal hybrid Trollocs. And likewise, our little brain-trust agreed that Trollocs should make a grand entrance at the next JordanCon.

When we arrived at JordanCon, we hid our costumes until the day of the costume contest. Once we got all the boots on, prosthetics applied, fur combed, beaks polished and mismatched armor in place – we grabbed our weapons, sneaked down a hotel hallway and stuffed our beastly bunch into an elevator bound for the crowded lobby.

When the elevator doors opened, we burst out shouting, lunging, and waving our weapons. We began stomping and running loudly and long through the heart of the Con.  It was possibly one of the most exhilarating moments I’ve enjoyed in cosplay – before or since.  This play wouldn’t have worked anywhere else except this one day, this one moment when our fellow fans of the series were gathered in one place.  They knew what we were and everyone celebrated that crazy moment with us.  (Everyone except the poor mother-of-the-bride who had the bad luck to choose that day at that hotel for her daughter’s wedding reception. I thought she was going to faint. NOTE: The wedding party joined us later that night for some mad dancing at the huge JordanCon party. All forgiven.)

Anyway, this blog entry isn’t really about the costuming process or the builds we undertook.  I think it’s more about the fact that we had our moment in the sun, that day at JordanCon. We achieved our goal then, when as a unified and terrifying force we stormed the very lobby (and later the bar) where our kindred spirits (victims) awaited.

As for the Geekie Awards…that’s some legit stuff.  It really IS an honor to be nominated. We’re up against astonishing and talented competition.  We’ve tagged some friends in L.A. who are going to the award show in Hollywood and empowered them to accept for us on the off-chance that we win the category.  And while Paul, Kelcey, Chip and I can’t make the trip to the show, hopefully we can live-stream it and catch the geek awesome on the red carpet. R U Geekie?  We are!

Paul of Aradani Studios and Paige of CostumeArt | Photography by Dim Horizon Studio

Paul of Aradani Studios and Paige of CostumeArt | Photography by Dim Horizon Studio

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