PHOTOGRAPHY: “Trolloc” from Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time’ (#1)

20130216-_MG_4880-Edit-Edit-2385003875-OThis is the first set of images for the Trolloc costume I made for JordanCon 2012. As an uber-fan of the Robert Jordan book series ‘The Wheel of Time’, it was a project that I wanted to attempt for a while.  But it was only when a fellow fan – and master costumer – suggested a group cosplay of Trollocs for JordanCon that I really considered making a run at it.  I knew I had to make it using mostly recycled items, but bits of it would have to be made from scratch (my Kryptonite). Still, I cobbled the Trolloc together, stormed the halls of JordanCon with the group and had an amazing time wearing it.

These images include fellow fan, artist and artisan Paul Bielaczyc of Aradani Studios.  His Trolloc is really a master work. How good was it?  It was so realistic that someone seeing it called the police to the Sopes Creek park where we were doing this photo shoot, and reported that there were – and I quote – “Monsters in the park.”

The Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department arrived (along with another patrol car) in response to the call.  Once they rolled up, they confirmed that the “monsters” were in fact merely harmless, eccentric costumers making pictures in the woods. The police made their own pictures – Evidence, I think – asked us not to eat the hikers, and left with a smile.

My own costume was a serious beta version. My first attempt at a big mask sculpt (using model magic) was a bust – and this Trolloc headpiece no longer exists in its original form, as it deteriorated after a few outings.  Still, Dim Horizon Studio captured it in pictures while it didn’t look too bad. Honestly, they make everything look good.  The images hint at what could be  – a Trolloc build, done right.  It’s on my list.







Paul Bielaczyc – Foreground


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