The Thrift Store Belt and the Flask

306 - CopyWhen I was recently gifted with a flask, I pondered the best use for it.  While I move in circles where whisky and rye (and bourbon and rum) are familiar guests – I myself don’t drink distilled spirits.  I do tend to keep a nice single-malt, and a few other things to hand for my friends who partake. But I’ve never had a flask to port that hospitality with me. Until now.

I figured a flask holder that I could hang from a belt might be a cool project.

And it would be even cooler if I could make it using a thrift store leather belt.

And  after a fair amount of futzing around with the belt and the flask – and using my very rudimentary riveting skill (I’m ashamed to even call it a skill), I ended up with not only a decent flask holder, but ALSO — a pattern.  A real pattern – with tips! – that I made along the way for anyone else who’d like to try this out. I’m hoping I can scan it and get a good true scale PDF to post here later.

Of course, my pattern is whisky-stained. Which led to the tip “Make sure your flask is completely empty BEFORE attempting this project”. But still – a pattern, guys!

Below are the progress pictures I made along the way.  Since flasks vary in size and shape, these images may best serve as inspiration rather than any kind of “how-to” gospel. But the direction and goal should be sound for all – smile!

This was about a one-hour project for me – and fully half of that was “thinking” time.

I think I’m going to try this belt re-purposing to make a gun holster of sorts. This sounds like a really good or really terrible idea.  I’ll let you know.